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Idaho Equine

At Idaho Equine, the utilization of state-of-the-art anesthesia machine ventilators underscores their commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of their equine patients during surgical procedures. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of equine physiology, the hospital's veterinary team customizes anesthesia protocols to each horse's unique needs, minimizing risks and maximizing recovery outcomes.

Elevating Anesthesia in Veterinary Medicine

In this blog post, Mallard Medical unveils the profound impact of the 'Mallard Effect' at Moore Equine Veterinary Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Delve into the strategic alliance between Moore Equine and the Mallard 2800CP Animal Anesthesia Ventilator, witnessing the meticulous elevation of veterinary anesthesia into an art form.


This article explores the historical evolution of veterinary anesthesia, from early attempts using ether to the sophisticated and tailored practices of modern veterinary science. It delves into the different types of anesthesia, including inhalation anesthetics and injectable anesthetics, detailing their administration processes and safety measures.


In this article, West Dakota Veterinary Clinic employs the Mallard anesthesia machine primarily for equine surgeries but also adapts it for calves and dogs in emergencies. Notably, it played a vital role in a blizzard-induced emergency open thoracic surgery for a dog and in saving a calf with severe infection in its umbilicus.

MRI Machine

Discover the crucial role of anesthesia in veterinary neurology, extending beyond surgeries to encompass noninvasive procedures like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Unveil the safety measures and technological advancements ensuring the well-being of pets during anesthesia, as Southeast Veterinary Neurology sheds light on the importance of MRI in diagnosing neurological conditions and its impact on treatment outcomes.


Explore the remarkable 18-year journey of Rhinebeck Equine alongside the cutting-edge Mallard Anesthesia Animal machines. Delve into a narrative of shared success stories, triumphs over challenges, and the enduring partnership that has defined their path to excellence.

From Anesthesia to Recovery Navigating the Zoo Animal Surgery Process

This article explores the various stages of preparing zoo animals for surgery, emphasizing the importance of anesthesia, the role of ventilators during surgery, and the post-surgery care provided to ensure the animals' recovery. It also features a specific case of a lion named Jasiri at the Denver Zoo who underwent a successful root canal procedure with the assistance of veterinary surgical equipment and a collaborative veterinary team.

Penguin Blog

This article offers expert advice on anesthetizing penguins for reproductive tract disease diagnostics, covering dosage variations, sedation techniques, venous access, temperature monitoring, and handling potential respiratory complications during anesthesia. A must-read for veterinarians and researchers working with these birds.