Understanding Loss of Power and Pressure on a Mallard


The Loss of Power and Pressure on a Mallard Ventilator: A Quick Guide

In the realm of medical equipment, power outages, and pressure drops can pose critical challenges. This demonstration sheds light on how to navigate these situations using a Mallard ventilator.

When power abruptly vanishes, the display fades and an alert triggers. However, ventilating the patient needn't cease. The manual green button serves as a lifeline, enabling continued ventilation until normalcy returns. An audio cue accompanies the power loss, prompting manual intervention.

Restoration of power revives automated ventilation seamlessly. The system picks up precisely where it left off, ensuring patient safety and comfort.

Meanwhile, gas pressure fluctuations warrant equal attention. As the needle declines below 20 psi, alarms chime in tandem with a flashing low-pressure indicator. Addressing this issue involves replacing gas tanks. Once a fresh tank is connected, the needle ascends, seamlessly resuming the ventilation cycle.

Understanding these contingencies equips medical professionals to act adeptly in moments of power and pressure setbacks, ensuring uninterrupted care for patients.

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