Prepping Mallard For Install


Step-by-Step Guide to Hooking Up Electrical and Gas for Machine Setup


Step 1: Electrical Connection

  • Ensure your machine has a dual voltage capability (110V to 220V).
  • Identify the electrical cord hookup at the back of the machine.
  • Plug in the cord. The machine automatically switches between voltages.

Step 2: Gas Connection Precautions

  • For gas hookup, regulate the air properly.
  • Maintain gas pressure between 60 and 100 psi max, ideally around 80 psi max.
  • Incorrect pressure can lead to malfunctions or damage.

Step 3: Accessing the Back of the Machine

  • Turn the machine to view the rear side for gas and electrical connections.

Step 4: Gas Hose and Identification

  • Locate the 20-foot hose at the back of the machine.
  • Note: A white light indicates an international machine; a greenhouse symbol is for domestic (US).

Step 5: Hose Placement

  • If needed, position the machine based on the distance to the hookup spot.
  • Ensure a secure and reachable location for easy connection.

Step 6: Connecting Gas Hose

  • Prepare two wrenches: 11/16 inch and 5/8 inch.
  • Carefully connect the hose to the gas inlet on the machine.
  • Tighten both ends with wrenches to prevent leaks.

Step 7: Check for Leaks

  • Once connected, turn on the gas.
  • Listen for any hissing sounds, indicating gas leaks.
  • If leaks are detected, halt and fix the issue before proceeding.

Step 8: Finalizing Setup

  • Ensure both electrical and gas connections are secure.
  • Verify there are no gas leaks.
  • Lock the machine's wheels to secure its position.

Remember, safety is crucial during this process. Double-check your connections and gas pressure to avoid any potential issues.

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