How to use the Mallard 2800's Emergency Ventilator Features


Ventilation is a critical aspect of surgical procedures, and it is crucial to ensure that the patient is receiving adequate oxygen supply during the procedure. Mallard equipment offers a unique feature that makes it a go-to option for medical professionals, especially in emergency situations.


Doug Mueller, a specialist in medical equipment, highlights the importance of this feature in this short video. He explains how the Mallard equipment has alarms that go off in the event of a power loss or low gas supply. This alarm ensures that the medical professional is aware of the issue and can take necessary action.


One of the key advantages of Mallard equipment is its manual button that allows for manual ventilation in the event of a power outage. This means that even if there is a power loss, the medical professional can continue to ventilate the patient using this manual button. This feature can prove to be lifesaving in emergency situations, where stopping the procedure or not being able to ventilate the patient can have serious consequences.


In conclusion, the Mallard equipment's emergency ventilation feature is a unique and critical aspect that sets it apart from other medical equipment. It ensures that medical professionals can provide continuous ventilation to the patient, even in the event of a power outage. This feature makes Mallard equipment a reliable and safe choice for medical professionals and patients alike.

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