How to Switch Ventilator Settings for Large and Small Animals - Step-by-Step Guide


In transitioning between ventilator settings for large and small animals, follow these straightforward steps for a seamless switch.

  1. Preparation: Begin by disconnecting the breathing circuit from the ventilator. This ensures a safe and clean process.
  2. Repositioning: Rotate the ventilator for clear access. For large animal settings, identify the black hose and the orange connector on the side of the machine. Swing the orange connector to the opposite side, linking it with the corresponding orange connector. The blue connector, initially connected to the lower box on the large animal side, should be moved to the opposite connection point.
  3. Hose Adjustment: This completes the transition for the hose connections. All necessary repositioning of connectors is accomplished in this step.
  4. Circuit Installation: To finalize the switch, install the breathing circuit designed for small animals. Ensure secure and proper connection to the animal's airway.

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently transition between ventilator settings for large and small animals. This process maintains the equipment's functionality and ensures the comfort and care of animals in different size categories.

Always refer to your ventilator's manual for specific instructions tailored to your equipment model.

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