How to Install a Vaporizer | Step-by-Step Guide


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install a Vaporizer


  1. Prepare for Installation:
    • Ensure you have another person to assist as the vaporizer is heavy and requires two people.
    • Have the necessary hardware and tools ready.
  2. Check Vaporizer Contents:
    • Open the vaporizer box and identify the included items:
      • Vaporizer unit with connectors.
      • Booklet and certificate of calibration.
      • Mounting hardware: 2 screws, 2 steel washers, 4 nylon washers.
      • Allen wrench for assembly.
  3. Identify Installation Location:
    • Determine where to mount the vaporizer.
    • The specific installation location may vary based on the model you have.
  4. Mounting Vaporizer:
    • Position the vaporizer unit at the desired location.
    • Align the unit's mounting brackets with the designated holes or slots.
  5. Attach Mounting Hardware:
    • Hold the vaporizer unit in place while a partner secures it.
    • Assemble the mounting hardware in this order: bolt, steel washer, nylon washer, unit's mounting bracket, and nylon washer.
    • Use the provided allen wrench to tighten the hardware snugly.
  6. Connect Vaporizer Hoses:
    • Identify the inlet and outlet hoses on the vaporizer.
    • Ensure the smaller hose connects to the outlet.
    • Gently remove the hoses from the vaporizer.
  7. Insert Hoses Through Equipment:
    • Pass the hoses through appropriate openings to connect with the rest of the equipment.
    • Gently insert the hoses, which may require some effort.
  8. Secure Hoses in Place:
    • Ensure both hoses are properly inserted and secured.
    • Twist and push the hoses to lock them in place.
    • Repeat the process for both the inlet and outlet hoses.
  9. Verify Connections:
    • Double-check that the hoses are securely connected and won't come loose during operation.


Remember, take your time during each step to ensure proper installation and secure connections.

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