How to Hook Up a Pediatric Bellows Assembly to the Mallard 2800 Ventilator


Ventilators play a crucial role in providing breathing support to critically ill patients and those simply going under for a routine procedure. Also, having a versatile machine that can handle any size animal can make a big difference. The Mallard 2800 ventilator comes with an option to purchase the PBA, a small animal ventilator that can be easily switched from the large animal side to the small animal side. In this blog post, we'll be taking you through a step-by-step guide on how to hook up the PBA or small animal ventilator to your large animal Mallard 2800 ventilator.


Step 1: Mounting the PBA


The first step is to mount the PBA on to the mounting rail. The PBA slides onto the top of the rail on the left side of the cart and is then slid down to the best height for ease of use. There is a stop at the bottom of the rail to keep it from falling off when it gets to the bottom of the rail. Once you've found the ideal height, tighten the knob located under the L bracket attached to the PBA. This will ensure that the PBA stays in place and at the most ideal height for use.


Step 2: Changing over from the large animal Ventilator to the (PBA) small animal ventilator.


Looking from the backside of the cart, unplug the two hoses used on the large animal side and plug them into the orange and blue connectors on the small animal side. The clear exhalation hose can be disconnected from the blue connector on the back of the lower box and plugged into the blue connector on the back of the PBA. Then the orange connector on the black hose that is connected to the side of the large animal absorber can be unplugged and installed onto the side of the PBA with the orange socket.


Step 3: Hooking Up the Breathing Circuit


Finally, you'll need to hook up the PBA breathing circuit. The breathing circuit hoses connect to the two 22mm metal connections on the front of the PBA, at the inspiratory and expiratory pipes, then the two are connected to the same “Y” connection and then later to a breathing bag for testing or the endotracheal tube for the animal or patient.


And that's it! By following these simple steps, you can easily switch from the large animal side to the small animal side in no time. The process is straightforward and makes it easy to switch back and forth between the two ventilators as needed.


In conclusion, having a versatile ventilator like the Mallard 2800 with the option of the added PBA can greatly improve the breathing support for patients of different sizes. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you'll be able to hook up the PBA to your Mallard 2800 ventilator in no time.

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