How to Fill the Absorber on a Mallard - Step-by-Step Guide


Step-by-Step Guide to Filling the Absorber on a Mallard:

  1. Preparation:
    • Gather the necessary equipment: Mallard absorber canister, absorbent material, knob, and cap.
  2. Knob and Canister Setup:
    • Start by locating the knob on the Mallard absorber.
    • Carefully undo the knob and place it on a stable surface, ensuring it won't fall off.
  3. Absorbent Material Placement:
    • Position the canister in a way that it won't accidentally tip over during the filling process.
  4. Insert the Rod Protector:
    • Locate the opening on the canister where the absorber rod goes.
    • Before pouring the absorbent material, insert the rod protector into the opening to prevent any material from entering the rod area.
  5. Identify the Fill Line:
    • Observe the canister to identify the red fill line marker.
    • Ensure not to exceed this fill line while pouring the absorbent material, as this could lead to material entering the absorber block.
  6. Fill the Canister:
    • Gently pour the absorbent material into the designated section of the canister, making sure it doesn't go past the fill line.
    • Fill the material up to a level somewhere in the area indicated without going over the red fill line.
  7. Secure the Cap:
    • Place the cap back onto the canister, ensuring it's tightly sealed to prevent any spillage or leakage.
  8. Canister Placement:
    • After filling, remove the knob and set it aside.
    • Find the ideal location for the canister, considering where you'd like your gauge to be positioned. Usually, it's on the right side.
  9. Attach the Canister:
    • Center the canister on the designated spot.
    • Turn the canister clockwise to secure it in place. Ensure that the gasket underneath creates a proper seal.
  10. Tighten the Canister:
    • Gently tighten the canister, ensuring it's fairly snug. This tightness will impact the absorption rate of the system.
  11. Repeating for Different Models:
    • If working with a small animal model, follow the same process by turning off the plastic absorber canister. counterclockwise.
    • Pour absorbent material into the canister, filling it to a suitable level.
  12. Reattach the Canister:
    • Align the canister properly with the gasket underneath.
    • Start screwing the canister back on, turning it clockwise until it's securely in place.
  13. Completion and Sealing:
    • The Mallard's label should now be visible on the front.
    • Ensure that the canister is tightly sealed to prevent any leaks.
  14. Monitoring and Maintenance:
    • Observe the color of the absorbent material as it changes when moisture is absorbed.
    • Typically, a full canister can last for one to two cases or around four to eight hours per full canister.
    • Keep track of the color change to determine when it's time to replace the absorbent material.


By following these steps, you'll be able to accurately and safely fill the absorber on a Mallard, ensuring its proper functioning and efficiency.

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