Quality and Reliability Veterinary Anesthesia Machines that has stood the test of time

For over 30 years, Mallard Medical has combined quality and reliability with world class customer service to provide you with the best veterinary anesthesia machines on the market. Our veterinary anesthesia machines are used by the top 25 veterinary medicine schools in the United States and 22 of the top schools internationally.

Mallard 2800C

Mallard 2800C Animal Anesthesia Ventilation System

The Gold Standard of Large Animal ventilators. Our flagship large animal machine. MRI conditional version available.

Mallard 2800CP Animal Anesthesia Ventilator

Our premier model that includes a small animal machine as well. This is the true "all-in-one" solution for your operating room.

mallard 2800CP large and small animal veterinary anesthesia machines
mallard 2400v bellows options

Mallard 2400V Small Animal Ventilator

The most reliable small and medium animal ventilator for dogs and cats and other small animals.

Mallard 2200B Small Animal Anesthesia Ventilator Combined Unit

Your "all-in-one" small animal solution. A combined small animal ventilator & anesthesia machine. MRI conditional version available.