Mallard Medical – Not Just For Equine

West Dakota Veterinary Clinic is an AAHA accredited small animal hospital with an equine medical and surgical facility as well as a bovine/small ruminant wing. We pride ourselves in being a state-of-art veterinary facility and referral center. Part of offering the highest level of care, includes having a dependable and easy to use ventilator.

After receiving advice from a board-certified anesthesiologist, we purchased a Mallard. We use the Mallard for any equine general anesthesia surgery that is expected to last longer than 45 minutes. The most common of these being colic surgeries, followed by orthopedics, thoracic, and soft tissue. Although the Mallard is used primarily for equine, it is adaptable for different sized patients and also works well for calves and dogs.

Median Sternotomy And Thoracic Lavage Post Grass Awn Inhalation

In a critical emergency situation, we often face challenges when referring patients to a distant University for specialized care. This was the case when a dog came to our clinic in the midst of a blizzard, suffering from severe respiratory distress following participation in a hunting dog trial a month earlier.

Upon a thorough clinical examination, along with bloodwork and imaging, it became clear that emergency surgery was imperative. The surgery aimed to remove fluid buildup and a suspected foreign object from the dog’s lungs.

Unfortunately, due to the blizzard, all major roads were closed, rendering a referral impossible. We sought guidance from a university anesthesiologist and critical care team, ultimately devising a comprehensive care plan. Leveraging our Mallard Anesthesia machine, our team successfully administered anesthesia and provided ventilation support during the complex open thoracic surgery.

Our patient made a remarkable recovery, returning to field trials within just two months, and even went on to become a proud mother!

Anesthesia For Surgical Management Of Omphalophlebitis In A Calf.

The Mallard anesthesia machine has proven invaluable in handling intricate cases, like that of a calf with a severely infected, enlarged umbilicus. This calf was in a critical state, having developed sepsis and presented a heightened risk for anesthesia.

The machine’s capability to provide ventilation during anesthesia empowered our skilled anesthetic and surgical team to safely administer anesthesia and conduct the necessary surgery. This intervention not only saved the calf’s life but also allowed it to grow into a remarkable herd sire!

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