Elevating Anesthesia in Veterinary Medicine: The Mallard Effect

Welcome to the heart of Moore Equine Veterinary Centre, where the game-changer isn’t merely a machine; it’s the Mallard 2800CP Animal Anesthesia Ventilator. Let’s embark on a journey where anesthesia transcends routine – it’s an art form.

An Equine Haven in Western Canada

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Calgary, Alberta, Moore Equine stands tall as one of western Canada’s premier veterinary centers. Specializing in equine care, they cater to show jumpers, rodeo stars, thoroughbred racehorses, and even our four-legged friends from the bovine, camelid, and small ruminant realms. With over 10,000 appointments and 500 surgeries annually, this isn’t just a clinic; it’s a bustling hub of animal care excellence.

Meet the Veterinary Superheroes

Picture a place where a team of 17 veterinary superheroes, armed with certifications in surgery, internal medicine, theriogeneology, equine sports medicine, and more, call home. This isn’t a fantasy – it’s Moore Equine. They’ve even got wizards versed in spinal manipulation and acupuncture. It’s like assembling the Avengers, but with stethoscopes and syringes.

The Moore-Mallard Partnership: A Quack-tastic Bond

Now, let’s discuss the moment that elevated Moore Equine’s anesthesia game – the arrival of Mallard in January 2023. Since then, over 400 surgeries have played out like well-orchestrated symphonies, from elective procedures to emergency colic surgeries. And yes, Mallard has even ventured into the world of bulls! Affectionately named “Ducky,” this ventilator isn’t just equipment; it’s a valued member of the Moore Equine family.

Behind the Scenes of Anesthesia Mastery: A Quack-tastic Tale

In October, an 11-year-old Quarter horse mare was presented to Moore Equine after sustaining a full-thickness laceration and comminuted fracture to her lateral splint bone. It was decided to take her to surgery to debride the wound and remove splint bone fragments.

With the Mallard, the team was able to support her through anesthesia and the mare recovered without a hitch. Regardless, whether it is an elective procedure or emergency colic surgery, all patients are able to receive top-tier ventilation support and gold-standard anesthesia with a Mallard.

Why Mallard Matters In Veterinary Medicine: Quirks and Quacks

Picture this: Mallard isn’t just a piece of machinery; it’s a game-changer. It’s the reason Moore Equine isn’t just a veterinary center but an educational hub. Collaborating with the University of Calgary, they’re shaping the future of veterinary medicine. And while Mallard doesn’t hold a degree, it’s the unsung hero of every surgery, making anesthesia excellence the gold standard.

A Symphony of 400 Surgeries: Unveiling Mallard’s Versatility

The numbers speak volumes. Over 400 surgeries under general anesthesia since Mallard’s arrival – that’s not just a statistic; it’s a testament to Mallard’s versatility. From routine elective procedures to the unexpected challenges of emergency colic surgeries, Mallard has proven to be more than a ventilator; it’s a reliable companion in the diverse landscapes of veterinary surgery. The Mallard effect isn’t limited to a specific discipline; it’s a quack-tastic symphony resonating across various equine specialties and beyond.

The Quack Continues: Mallard’s Role in Shaping Anesthesia Mastery

In conclusion, the quack-tastic tale of Mallard’s impact on anesthesia excellence at Moore Equine is an ongoing saga. It’s not just a one-time success story; it’s a narrative that continues to unfold with each surgery, each student taught, and each quirkily named adventure. Mallard isn’t just a ventilator; it’s a companion in the journey of veterinary care, shaping the future of anesthesia mastery one quack at a time. As we look ahead, the quack continues, echoing in the halls of education, in the diversity of surgeries, and in the hearts of those who have witnessed the Mallard effect. Stay tuned for more quirkiness, more adventures, and more quacks from the world where Mallard Medical meets veterinary excellence!


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