Mallard Medical – Not Just For Equine

West Dakota Veterinary Clinic is an AAHA accredited small animal hospital with an equine medical and surgical facility as well as a bovine/small ruminant wing. We pride ourselves in being a state-of-art veterinary facility and referral center. Part of offering the highest level of care, includes having a dependable and easy to use ventilator. After…

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Veterinary Instruments: Navigating Equine Anesthesia Tips

Hey there, fellow animal enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the fascinating world of equine anesthesia. Ever wondered why horses need anesthesia? Well, just like us, they occasionally require medical procedures that need a bit of help from modern veterinary instruments to keep them comfy and safe. Why Horses Need Anesthesia? You might think, “Hey, why…

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Wisdom from the Field: Anesthetizing a Penguin

At Mallard Medical we have the honor and privilege of being connected to some of the brightest young Veterinarians in the world. Recently I was observing a thread in an email list that I am a part of I and I thought it was not only fascinating, but incredibly helpful. Laura A. B. Aguilar is…

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How Bob Pearson Made A Ventilator For Tusko The Elephant

tusko remembers bob pearson

Over the past years, Mallard Medical has designed and built lung ventilators for humans, neonatal mice, small animals, dolphins, and large animals up to 18,000 lbs. (6,364 Kilograms) In January of 2007, Mallard Medical in Redding, California, received a phone call from Oregon State University’s veterinary college. They needed to do a surgical left tusk…

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A New Chapter for Mallard Medical

AB Medical and Mallard Medical Team Photo

In March of 2021, Mallard Medical (a subsidiary of AB Medical Technologies, Inc.) was acquired by three local medical device manufacturing entrepreneurs. Rick Morgan, Robert Cronic, and I (Joshua Millage) have been long-time friends of the previous owners and were honored that they were contacted to purchase the business and lead it into the future.…

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